We Develop Web and Mobile Applications.
We develop data driven web and mobile applications for technology and medical companies.
What we do?
We design, develop, test and deliver applications in following technology areas
Mobile Development

We design and develop native mobile applications using Java for Android and Swift for iOS. Our services include design, development and testing of mobile apps. Our Android experience is not only in stock play store apps but also in customizing Android for devices and developing IoT applications.

Web Development

We develop data driven web applications based on SQL and NoSQL databases, Java and Ruby on Rails frameworks and modern adaptable UI design. Our expertise spans from database design development, APIs to user interface development.

Data Analytics and IoT

We design and develop IoT systems that take advantage of Android operating systems to create rich user interfaces, messaging system such as MQTT to collect device data and visualization tools to make sense of big data

Full Stack Development

Having expertise on both mobile and web development allow us to help our customers in multiple levels, from database design to web and mobile applications.

How We Do It
Agile Approach

Our agile approach starts with paying attention to the experience we deliver to the user. It continues with designing and implementing an architecture that allow us to deliver prototypes quickly while allowing us to perform improvements easily.

Effective Communication

Our most efficient communication tool is well structured, clean, readable and documented code. This reduces the unnecessary communication about details and increases efficiency of meetings and project development.

Tools for Increased Productivity

To support our agile approach we use GIT for source control, Jenkins for continuous integration and Jira for issue tracking as well as automated testing tools provided by the platforms. We automate mundane work and make code visible to increase overall productivity.

Sustainable Software

We strive to build well structured software to be able to maintain constant pace of development over time. For us, software is not a code-once product but a living and improving development process.

Some of Our Work

Nefes meditation is a meditation app targeted for Turkish speaking users.

Life Fitness Discover

As part of the team, we helped Life Fitness to develop applications on Android based Discover series consoles that are designed to provide user interface to control fitness equipment and entertainment for exercisers

Major Clients